Showcase Boards
Showcase Boards Showcase BoardsShowcase Boards 

Showcase Boards

Universal Sport Showcase Boards are engineered with state-of-the-art materials to hold up against standard wear and tear and withstand the elements.  Whether you need to get your message across in your stadium, church, recreation facility, or hotel, Putterman’s Showcase Boards are made of top grade, torsion-free aluminum sections with a depth of 3.7 inches.

  • Sizes available:
    • 2.3 feet wide x 1.7 feet high
    • 3.28 feet wide x 2.79 feet high
    • 4.43 feet wide x 3.36 feet high
  • Basic frame- Robust aluminum base frame with in-set steel back wall with corrosion resistant coating.
  • Front frame- Torsion-free multi-chamber aluminum sections integrated with weatherproof rubber seal and crack resistant acrylic glass pane.
  • Front frame fitting- Special interlocking sections across the whole width so that no hinges are required
  • Front frame opening- Opens upwards and is held open by automatically engaging rods. The catch is released by lifting the front frame up again.
  • Safety lock- This simple and trouble-free lock is located on the bottom edge with two keys.
  • Wall fastening- After the Showcase is fastened to the wall by two aluminum section rails, the board is then inserted into the rails and fixed by two screws at the bottom. All fastening elements are accommodated in the frame sections. It is not possible to dismount the Showcase Board when it is closed and locked.


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