Reel Sticks
Reel Sticks Reel SticksReel SticksReel Sticks

Reel Sticks

Reel Sticks are the latest innovation in dynamic tennis court management and high impact outdoor advertising. 


Reel Sticks have three functional parts; an elegant Housing Unit that affixes to your existing Tennis Net Posts, a Singles Tennis Stick that nests neatly against your Tennis Net Posts in its resting position, and a sturdy yet nearly invisible cable that attaches the stick to the reel inside the Housing Unit. 


Deploy Reel Sticks for Singles Tennis Play by simply pulling the Singles Sticks away from your Tennis Posts. When the cables are fully extended, the Singles Sticks have reached the exact location for regulation Singles Tennis net adjustment. Never measure again! When Singles Tennis Play is over, the Singles Sticks easily retract to their resting positions near your Tennis Posts. 


But the benefits of Reel Sticks don't stop there. Each Housing Unit features three transparent windows designed to house images of your choice. Feature your brand in a dynamic, integrated way. Promote your sponsors during game play. Or show team spirit by displaying team colors or mascots. A Tennis Net with a Reel Stick attached to each post now has six distinct panels for image display, and the marketing possibilities are endless. 


Welcome to the cutting edge. 

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