Our History

Max PuttermanPutterman Athletics has a very long and rich history, dating back to 1920. Our story is so typically representative of chasing and ultimately achieving the American dream. Max Putterman, our founder, developed and fabricated protective covers for horse drawn carriages to protect cargo and passengers from the elements in the early part of the 20th century. Today the company produces applications ranging from tennis windscreen to reservoir liners to collapsible storage tanks capable of holding hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel or water. The company’s customers now include athletic dealers, large construction companies, the U.S Military and a variety of international commercial and military organizations.


A timeline of the company’s dynamic history is outlined below:

1920: When horse drawn carriages needed protective covers, our founder Max Putterman provided canvas tarps that shielded passengers and cargo from the elements.

Putterman Covered Wagon

 Putterman Covered Box Cars



1930: When the Santa Fe Railroad needed protection for cargo in open railcars, M. Putterman & Co. developed special covers for the railroad’s cargo.



1960: When American Airlines needed protection for passengers walking from the terminal onto a plane, M. Putterman & Co., using new fabric technologies such as vinyl coated nylons and polyesters, provided the accordion passageways still used to this day.



1970: During the big tennis boom of the 1970s, when there was a need for indoor tennis backdrop curtains, M. Putterman & Co. developed a vinyl protective curtain with an exclusive color that allowed complete sight of the ball, Tenna™. It is used in 80% of indoor tennis clubs worldwide. For outdoor tennis, the company developed a special polyester fabric that became the industry standard for windscreens, Tenn-Air™. 

Putterman Accordion Passageways


Putterman Field Cover

1980: In the 1980s, Putterman expanded the sports product line to baseball and football, providing safety padding for outfield walls and goal posts, protective tarps for the infield and football field fence screens, and barrier netting.



1990: Across the 1990’s M. Putterman & Co. continued to expand the athletic product line by introducing the FloorGard gym floor cover as well as a broad variety of sports netting products.





2006: In March 2006, control of M. Putterman changed to a new ownership team, although the then owners retained an ownership interest in the company and remained actively involved in its daily affairs. The new ownership team represented a new generation of leaders dedicated to preserving the historic values of the company – integrity in all relationships, excellent prices, highest possible quality, fast delivery, first rate customer service – while at the same time determined to transform Putterman into a broad athletic products and services supplier.



2009: M. Putterman & Co. participates in a significant transformation in an effort to evolve to meet the demands of the Putterman customers. A new team of talented Sales and Customer Service Managers, unparalleled in the business, is installed and new leadership is assigned to steer the ship. Additionally, Putterman invests in the creation of a more experienced R&D team to enhance the product offering and serve as a partner and consultant for complex installations.

Blackhawks Jersey made of PA Windscreen

 PA Pro-1 Sports Logo  


2010: Putterman Athletics (M. Putterman & Co. LLC) enters a joint venture with Pro-1 Sports in Marietta, Georgia. The partnership allows the teams to together expand product lines to best suit the needs of their customers. New products include tennis court supplies such as benches, scoreboards and court dryers as well as a dramatically improved and broad line of tennis nets. The partnership will lead to an expanded offering across all sports, beyond tennis.