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Court Dryers

The Miracle Dri Roller Unit is Putterman's signature roller unit.  Miracle Dri has a sturdy aluminum frame and aluminum housing. It is also powder coated and utilizes a stainless steel "T." Both features give you the longest life span in the market. You will not find a better roller unit in the industry when it comes to value and quality.

  • Unit comes standard with one PVA roller
  • Sun shield and PVA replacement roller available
  • Available in Powder Coated Grey


The Universal Sport Absorbing Roller uses German engineering to efficiently soak up puddles on sand tennis courts as well as on artificial turf and hard courts. The Roller’s huge absorbent capacity makes a court playable in a very short period of time.  Also suitable for race courses and start race courses.

  • Working width 31.5 inches
  • Hot-galvanized frame and drum body
  • Absorbing drum with foam rubber covering


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Miracle Dri Unit


For more information on the Universal Sport Absorbing Roller, please contact Putterman.

Our Court Dryers are sold all with accessories included