Backdrop Curtains
Backdrop Curtains Backdrop CurtainsBackdrop CurtainsBackdrop Curtains

Backdrop Curtains

Putterman's custom Backdrop Curtains keep courts private and compartmentalized while also providing a seamless background to ease ball tracking for players. Whether you are looking for top of the line heavy-duty curtains or a more economical solution, we offer Backdrop Curtains suitable for every club.


Tenna™ Curtains: Made from heavy 18oz vinyl coated polyester, Putterman's custom Tenna™ Curtains are manufactured with a unique adhesion process so that the fabric will not separate under the heaviest abuse. The Tenna™ Curtains are simply the most durable backdrop curtains offered on the market. Tenna™ Curtains are available in US Open Blue and Tennis Green.


Tenni™ Curtains: Made from durable yet lighter weight 13oz vinyl polyester laminate, the Tenni™ Curtain is most appropriate for moderate abuse. Tenni™ Curtains are an excellent choice for the discriminating, yet economically conscious facility. Although Tenni™ is a lighter material, the high tensile strength gives you the confidence that the curtains will stand up to the wear and tear of every day court use. All Tenni™ Curtains meet the highest federal and California flame retardant codes. Tenni™ Curtains are available in Blue, Forest Green, Black, Red, and Tan.


Hi-Line Curtains: To enhance the look of a club, facility managers often want to cover the walls above eyesight. For this application Putterman offers the light-weight vinyl Tenni™ Curtain, outlined above, or a light mesh curtain Mesh available in Black, White, Spruce Green, Yellow, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Grey

  • Fabricated to dimensions suitable to your facility's architectural design
  • Hemmed with reinforced webbing and brass grommets built-in every 12 inches
  • S Hooks installed along the top of each curtain for straight line installation and both track and cable systems available
  • Hinged doorways available for Tenna™ Curtains and panel doorways available for Tenni™ Curtains
  • Viewing mesh windows and stenciled court numbers available
  • On-site installation available
  • Logos and graphics available to feature team name, mascot, or sponsors »

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